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The listings of these stamps have now been updated on the website to follow the CONCISE 2016 Gibbons stamp catalogue. Almost every year some part of this section is renumbered by Stanley Gibbons. I list the date of issue plus the stamp is pictured so if you are using an older catalogue or trying to fill a gap in a printed album you should still be able to work out which one you need! The latest versions of the Machins are called SECURITY MACHINS and have the letter "U" prefix to the catalogue number. The stamps have a swirling iridescent background around the Queens's head. Incorporated within the background are sometimes source codes and date codes all of which are visible to a good pair of eyes or a good glass. Some stamps have several different year dates and are listed by me if I happen to have them. Note my stock is NOT complete - but it almost is!

Please choose the section you would like to see from the box on the right of this text. Items shown in Specialist Items, Panes, Errors & Varieties is the actual item that will be sent. See text shown below the stamp illustrated on this page for what's listed where!
Don't forget, for COMPLETE definitive or Commemorative sets click the link on the home page of the site to take you there.

Blocks of four can be supplied for most issues at no extra premium, please email me your wants list.

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SG 2039b-2040b - 26 June 1998
The 2nd and 1st Class self adhesive singles slowing the rare ''Dagger Perforations'' - Perf 14 x 14 - as illustrated in the Stanley Gibbons CONCISE catalogue. A very rare seldom seen set. One of the few sets I have ever handled!
SG Cat 600.00

UM: 325.00
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